Washington Post Crossword Answers April 12th 2017

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Clue Solution
Semiprecious stone opal
Historic canal erie
Nay’s opposite yea
Junior’s dad senior
West Point student cadet
Out on ____ (2 wds.) alimb
____ voyage! bon
Music system stereo
Water vehicle boat
Respect admiration
Juliet’s beloved romeo
Eat away erode
Browned bread toast
Messes up errs
Narrate relate
Dined eaten
Business abbr. corp
Diva’s specialty aria
Marriage arranger matchmaker
Deposit on teeth tartar
Ziti e.g. pasta
Doctors’ org. ama
Psychic’s phrase (2 wds.) isee
Treetop abode nest
Drive off repel
Knights sirs
Sower seeder
Cowboy’s tools lassos
Rent again relet
Breathing alive
Whittled down pared
Wharves piers
Actor Sean ____ penn
Delight glee
Old West lawman earp
Historic periods eras
Overwhelm awe
Make a choice opt
Minds obeys
Active busy
Unclothed bare
Thick soup puree
Thanks ____! (2 wds.) alot
Bloodhound’s clue odor
Korean e.g. asian
Eat well dine
Military supplies ammo
Caustic substance lye
List entry item
Fastened again retied
Ale-like soft drink (2 wds.) rootbeer
Caviar base roe
Snapshot taker camera
Heart artery aorta
Uttered oral
Petty quarrel spat
Lustrous fabric satin
Film legend ____ Hayworth rita
Less wild tamer
Move upward rise
Agreements pacts
Sensible sane
Little piggies toes
Holdup heist
Neptune e.g. planet
Lamb’s dad ram
Materialize again reappear
Go by elapse
Is sick ails
Goodness! gee
Enjoy like
Challenge dare
____ energy solar
Divisible by two even
Washstand item ewer
"Carmen" e.g. opera
Shore bird tern
Lipstick shades reds
Stairs steps
City vehicles cabs