Washington Post Crossword Answers April 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
Crazy loco
Ritual ceremonial
Make a mistake err
Severe stern
Wicker material rattan
Spring flower iris
New (prefix) neo
Australian leaper kangaroo
Road guide atlas
West Virginia product coal
Skirt length midi
Besides that else
Candy ____ cane
"____ sesame!" open
Still snoozing abed
Donate give
Dishonor shame
Fictional book novel
More docile tamer
Qualified voters electorate
"M*A*S*H" locale korea
Critic Roger ____ ebert
Revoked repealed
Mineral deposits ores
Fine spray mist
Sheep’s coat wool
Surrounded by amidst
Not all some
Tint tinge
Bakery items tarts
Sail support mast
Bullets for short ammo
Lighting gas neon
____ Skywalker luke
She in Paris elle
Fodder feed
Heavyweight great ali
Quick swim dip
Shoestrings laces
Attest avow
Peak acme
Public overt
Site area
Work toil
Fix correction
Young boys lads
Be beholden to owe
Darn it! rats
Certain hockey player goalie
Heavenly dish manna
Openings gaps
Uppity person snob
Whole entire
Squeak by eke
Sharpen hone
Stratford-upon-____ avon
Tennis stroke lob
Greedy avid
Juliet’s love romeo
Nothing more than mere
____ culpa mea
"Wish You ____ Here" were
Cake decorator icer
House wing ell
Wagner works operas
Right now! stat
Foot digits toes
Slogan motto
Capital of the Philippines manila
Peru’s capital lima
Ump’s kin ref
Hymn ending amen
Fort ____ FL lauderdale
City haze smog
Caribous’ kin elks
Name title
Quality of sound tone
Food plan diet
Swiftness speed
Skating arena rink