Washington Post Crossword Answers April 14th 2017

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Clue Solution
Light wood balsa
Tilts leans
Newswoman ____ Shriver maria
Vivid red scarlet
Gained victory won
Part of the UK eng
Orange drink ade
Trunk torso
Custodian caretaker
Stratford-on-____ avon
A few some
Overwhelms awes
Ump’s call out
Reef material coral
State police officer trooper
Eases up relents
Warning signal siren
Donkey’s cry bray
Dull fellow bore
Rustic hotels inns
Fall drop
Singer ____ McEntire reba
Eons ages
Lacking flavor tasteless
Depart leave
Removed deleted
Director ____ Howard ron
Archie Bunker’s wife edith
Lock of hair tress
Monte ____ carlo
One more time again
Takes a break rests
Not phony real
In addition else
Antlered animals elks
Shooter’s group (abbr.) nra
Parking area lot
Eden dweller eve
Zodiac ram aries
Perspire sweat
Mexican house casa
Range area
Owned apartment condo
Declare avow
Teller of falsehoods liar
Fury anger
Italian city rome
____ citizen senior
Play parts scenes
Attack assault
Plant anchor root
Succinct terse
Jewish cleric rabbi
Mild oath drat
Labor toil
Ohio city akron
Princely regal
Raw metal ore
Memorize learn
Chubby obese
Remain undecided pend
Deli breads ryes
Macaroni e.g. pasta
Go inside enter
Perpetually ever
Toy racer (2 wds.) slotcar
Felt dizzy reeled
Infuriate enrage
She in Bordeaux elle
Small bay inlet
Epochs eras
Inquires asks
Treasure ____ trove
Narrow opening slit
Minus less
Loathed hated
Male children sons
Soothing ointment balm