Washington Post Crossword Answers April 15th 2017

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Clue Solution
15th of March ides
Pedro’s house casa
Amphitheaters arenas
Speak utter
Take to court sue
Catch ensnare
Statistics data
Remodelled redid
Hairspray type aerosol
Mideast country iran
South American capital lima
Make waterproof seal
Shore coast
Samples food tastes
Calcutta’s Mother ____ teresa
Lettuce dish salad
Ascended arose
Allowable legal
Dwell reside
Uncertainty doubt
Actress ____ Winfrey oprah
Tears apart rends
Oolong server teapot
Make up for atone
Ray Charles e.g. pianist
Genuine sincere
Chinese e.g. asians
Barnyard fowl geese
Eyed flirtatiously ogled
Interlock mesh
Territory area
Oxlike beasts gnus
Bakery employee icer
Sow’s chow slop
Listen hear
Painful achy
Recline lie
Ancient Peruvian inca
Secondhand used
Tidy neat
Darling dear
Salad fish tuna
Mysterious eerie
Relieve ease
____ the waters test
Serious play drama
Position stance
Part of NBA national
Large artery aorta
Paid notices ads
Hot sauce salsa
Goofs errs
Perfume odor
"We ____ Family" are
Lane street
Easy stride lope
Ship’s diary log
Kicker’s prop tee
Dead ____ Scrolls sea
Coffeepot urn
Kin of PDQ asap
Aid assist
Evil bad
Sub store deli
Compensated paid
Vows oaths
Time past ago
Advertising lights neons
Like a fridge decoration magnetic
Female Japanese entertainer geisha
"Sesame Street" character ernie
Jail room cell
Actor ____ Guinness alec
Author Dr. ____ seuss
Buffalo’s canal erie
Ark patriarch noah
Swiftness haste
Wind instrument reed
Agile spry
Train tracks rails