Washington Post Crossword Answers April 16th 2017

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Clue Solution
Burn slightly char
Onlooker spectator
Affirmed asserted
Roast host emcee
Breathable stuff air
Weight unit gram
TV host Jay ____ leno
Biblical garden eden
Main course entree
Becomes weary tires
Shoe spike cleat
Feet parts heels
Clean furniture dust
Stumble trip
Brood mope
Light tan ecru
Weirder odder
Luau souvenir lei
Hand out cards deal
Thailand formerly siam
Rump posterior
Wallet stuffers ones
Refute deny
Vane dir. nne
Back and forth (hyph.) toandfro
Movie personnel cast
Unlock open
Athens’ country greece
Expressed anger raged
Soap ____ opera
Fourth month april
Freon and oxygen gases
Thought idea
Lofty tall
Cleveland’s waterfront erie
____ Fitzgerald ella
Water source well
List ender (abbr.) etc
Staff member aide
U.S. symbol eagle
Engrave etch
Pelvic joints hips
Bogged down mired
Pharaoh’s river nile
Citrus drinks ades
Long-legged bird crane
Forest plant tree
Move back recede
Largest city in Quebec montreal
Not false true
Takes it easy rests
Vegetarians’ taboos meats
Classic song oldie
Groups of eight octets
Profound deep
Pea case pod
Poke prod
Gandhi’s nation india
Musical sound tone
France’s cont. eur
Staff cane
Make less tight loosen
Player gamer
Sucker patsy
Lions’ sounds roars
Cowboy ____ Autry gene
Desire for food appetite
President Jackson andrew
Richard ____ of "Pretty Woman" gere
Is bold dares
Nail ____ file
Rocker ____ Clapton eric
Select group elite
Bun roll
Valley dale
Guinness and Baldwin alecs
Vocal oral
Spanish house casa