Washington Post Crossword Answers April 17th 2017

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Clue Solution
Leer ogle
Relaxation ease
Witch’s charm spell
Spookiest eeriest
Able to read literate
Customer user
Briny deep sea
Frau’s spouse herr
Uninformed ignorant
List of candidates slate
Citrus fruits limes
Film critic Roger ____ ebert
Not artificial natural
Bakery worker icer
"____ we forget" lest
Hawaiian island oahu
Small bird wren
Actress ____ Sarandon susan
Eyelash makeup mascara
Aloud oral
Fluid rock lava
Stained dyed
Certain connectors adapters
Literary exposition treatise
Ascend rise
Stricter sterner
Transplant repot
Avoid capture elude
Slugger Hank ____ aaron
"____ of Two Cities" (2 wds.) atale
Stair section step
Snow melter salt
Existence life
Like a villain evil
Lions’ homes dens
Laughter syllable hee
Overweight obese
Luxurious lush
Donkey sound bray
Juice type grape
"____ dead people!" (2 wds.) isee
Talkative glib
Sci-fi weapon laser
Sad drop tear
Moniker name
Cosmetic item eyeliner
Mob scene participant rioter
"King ____" lear
Wave top crest
High’s opposite low
RR stops stas
"Oh give ____ home…" (2 wds.) mea
Pitcher handle ear
Dancer’s skirt tutu
Mr. Schwarzenegger arnold
New York stadium shea
Relaxes rests
Cafeteria item tray
Frozen wasteland tundra
Circle segments arcs
Address abbr. ave
Have a cold ail
Cool! neat
Lass’s mate lad
Harvests reaps
Vicinity area
Makes happy elates
Frightened startled
Unadulterated pure
Bangkok native thai
Unsophisticated naive
Stench odor
Snakelike fish eels
Like Santa’s helpers elfin
Certain bills tens
Baseball’s ____ Rose pete
Film spools reels
Capri or Man isle