Washington Post Crossword Answers April 18th 2017

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Clue Solution
Huckleberry Finn’s craft raft
Woodworker carpenter
Pitching stat era
Letter before epsilon delta
Mars e.g. planet
Snaky swimmers eels
Male vendor salesman
Make an effort try
Largest desert sahara
Occurrence event
Rich dessert torte
Curse swear
Hazardous curve ess
Reasonable sane
Stink reek
Clock info time
Chip in ante
Apple’s center core
Honolulu greeting aloha
Leaving departing
Spring flower iris
Engrave etch
Tiny opening pore
Most furry hairiest
Ecuador’s neighbor peru
Wine-producing valley napa
Contact ____ lenses
Shudder tremor
Briny deep sea
Clever smart
Prohibition taboo
Opponent enemy
Seminar class
Food shop deli
Peruvian Indian inca
Refusals noes
Juan’s "two" dos
"Mamma ____!" mia
Sped raced
Impresses awes
Movie backdrops sets
Alert aware
Shakespearean king lear
Assert avow
Wild feral
Confederate ally
Present! here
Recipe abbr. tsp
High-strung tense
December visitor santa
Obliterate erase
Appetizer starter
Pimples acne
Staying power stamina
Musical sound note
Gold fabric lame
Vegas cube die
Difficult journey trek
Call up phone
Cheeky pert
Poet’s eternity eer
Ark skipper noah
Long story epic
Cowboys’ ropes lariats
Reckless rash
More sharply inclined steeper
Happen again recur
Heavenly food manna
Utopian ideal
Metal container tin
Lincoln et al. abes
Regard deem
____ acid amino
Caesar’s city rome
Norwegian port oslo
From that moment since
Christmas gifts toys
Move slightly stir
Legendary stories sagas
Annoying one pest