Washington Post Crossword Answers April 19th 2017

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Clue Solution
Soreness ache
Eliminate completely obliterate
Come before precede
Basker’s desire tan
Burn with hot water scald
The ____ Ranger lone
Gazelles antelopes
Very small wee
Phone bug wiretap
Object of adoration idol
Peddle sell
Angelic symbol halo
In good shape fit
Truman’s monogram hst
Bowling targets pins
Pub drinks ales
Nurse ____ Barton clara
Director ____ Polanski roman
Worth value
Illogical irrational
Course route
Live coal ember
Chinese dialect cantonese
Handyman’s need tool
Stadium part tier
Bliss ecstasy
Bureaucratic delay (2 wds.) redtape
Gentle animal doe
Tiny amount tad
Copper e.g. metal
Prepare copy edit
Average skirt midi
Range part oven
Toledo’s lake erie
Money drawer till
Lighten ease
Golf norm par
Disorderly crowd mob
Add to the family adopt
Performer doer
Aspiration wish
Venomous snake cobra
Pine ____ cone
Brainstorm idea
Singer ____ Reddy helen
Poker stake ante
Bakery item roll
Rock’s ____ Clapton eric
Escape flee
Hi hello
Moderately warm tepid
Final last
Debit’s opposite credit
French writer voltaire
Actress Sophia ____ loren
Sleeveless garment cape
Seniors’ dance prom
Physicians’ gp. ama
Least fresh stalest
Chafe rub
Fixed charge rate
Responsibility onus
Angry irate
Amusing story anecdote
Wobble teeter
Aria solo
____ Gras (Fat Tuesday) mardi
Act the ham emote
Require need
Shopping bag tote
Opera star diva
Sassy pert
Excessive excitement mania
The ____ of March ides
Korea’s locale asia
October gems opals
Minuscule tiny
Spool reel
Southern beauty belle
Cabbage dish slaw