Washington Post Crossword Answers April 20th 2017

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Clue Solution
Fresh talk sass
Aroma odor
Agitate rile
Pedicure subject toenail
Limited restricted
Sworn statements oaths
Compass pt. sse
Detach separate
Eyed flirtatiously ogled
Inclined prone
Cares for tends
Perspire sweat
Card game gin
Stomach gut
Stubborn animal mule
Japan’s continent asia
Corrode rust
Spigots taps
Smuggled goods contraband
Toss lob
Mongolian desert gobi
One who mimics aper
Army camp base
Winter vehicle sled
Decorating adorning
Footstool ottoman
Visit see
Naval off. ens
Self-assurance poise
Dark wood ebony
____ Banks of baseball ernie
Shopping reminders lists
Hot chocolate cocoa
Peruvian capital lima
Greek mythology figure eros
Camper’s home tent
Jumpy edgy
Agent Smith’s nemesis neo
Golf stroke putt
"Friends" character ross
Picks opts
Sound audio
Alleviate ease
Enlarged grew
Pilfered stole
Stride step
Sole lone
Might strength
Schedule agenda
Televises airs
Least courteous rudest
James Bond’s drink martini
Tabby e.g. cat
Ordinary usual
Curdle clot
Chats gabs
Speech problem lisp
Expiate atone
Milky stone opal
Breaks bread eats
Money owed debt
Fat obese
Instant lawn sod
Went to bed retired
Paring tool peeler
Is unable cant
Host Conan ____ obrien
Out-of-date obsolete
Charged atoms ions
Machu Picchu native inca
Bogged down mired
Fit of anger snit
Broadway sign neon
In the midst of among
Spud buds eyes
Incite goad
Mean nasty
Tennis e.g. sport