Washington Post Crossword Answers April 21st 2017

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Clue Solution
Teen’s woe acne
Roof overhang eave
Heidi’s cousin clara
Up-to-date modern
Poetic "before" ere
Yosemite ____ sam
Skidded slid
Sequence order
Skydiver’s need parachute
Eden man adam
Shade of green lime
Skyrocket soar
Envy’s color green
Squealers rats
"____ Twist" oliver
Phone bug wiretap
Civic group (abbr.) assoc
Andes animal llama
Liquid measure liter
Midday nap siesta
TV’s ____ Winfrey oprah
Certain parasite louse
Join in enter
Dialect of Chinese cantonese
Metal fastener screw
Sing alone solo
Reduced in price (2 wds.) onsale
Small landmasses isles
Slightest least
Trampled trod
Songstress ____ McEntire reba
Impersonator aper
Papa’s mate mama
Water barrier dike
Eve’s home eden
Salamander newt
Josh rib
Unwell ill
Baldwin or Guinness alec
Weaver’s frame loom
October birthstones opals
Brat’s stocking stuffer coal
Kind of exam oral
CB ____ radio
____ Scotia nova
____ Moore of "A Few Good Men" demi
Stage offering drama
Become visible emerge
Visionary dreamer
Pointer arrow
Joan of ____ arc
Everybody all
Join the army enlist
Pit hole
Cut bread slice
Spring bloom iris
On top of upon
Lucifer satan
Neckline shape vee
Rooster’s walk strut
Harbinger omen
Groups sets
Desist cease
Wagon cart
Speaker orator
That girl her
Tanker cargo oil
Wall board panel
Window above a door transom
Norway’s neighbor sweden
Ward off repel
Opera highlight aria
Assistant aide
Chubby obese
Flour factory mill
Distort skew
Challenges dares
Ready willing and ____ able
Camping need tent
Army cafeteria mess