Washington Post Crossword Answers April 22nd 2017

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Clue Solution
Crazy daft
Cleaned (clothes) laundered
Jerusalem’s country israel
Begone! scat
Youth lad
Lennon’s wife ono
Trinidad and ____ tobago
Leak seep
Florida city sarasota
Fibbers liars
Farewell to Pierre adieu
Southern beauty belle
Avian dwelling nest
Heartthrob Brad ____ pitt
Reach span
Craftsperson artisan
Look intently peer
Roof edge eave
Refusals noes
Camel’s feature hump
Quality attribute
Warm fabric wool
Imitates apes
Notched like a saw serrated
"A ____ of Two Cities" tale
Lampreys eels
Make better heal
Make certain ensure
Among amidst
France’s capital paris
Escape elude
Bride’s path aisle
Periods in history eras
Tavern orders ales
Notion idea
Makes a dress sews
Shad delicacy roe
Interrogate ask
Painter Salvador ____ dali
Sunburn remedy aloe
Thick slice slab
Oh dear! alas
Indian boat canoe
Staff officer aide
Quartet count four
Mud brick adobe
Racetrack fence rail
Renter tenant
Attire apparel
Actress Sandra ____ dee
Slump sag
Publish issue
Rinds peels
Quickly pronto
Cup handle ear
"All ____ Jazz" that
Canadian capital ottawa
December 24 and 31 eves
Come together unite
On the peak atop
Cash in redeem
Cummerbund sash
Sock tip toe
Revoke repeal
British noblemen earls
Oyster’s treasure pearl
SSW’s opp. nne
Buddy (Fr.) ami
Assumed names aliases
Excuses alibis
Corrosion rust
Of the countryside rural
Guy dude
Not busy idle
Got up arose
Fret stew
Grain seed
Searches for seeks
Herb drinks teas
Mailbox openings slots