Washington Post Crossword Answers February 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
Not that THIS
Pearl Mosque locale AGRA
Author/philosopher Hannah ARENDT
Funnyman Brooks MEL
Pitchfork-shaped letter PSI
Almanac tidbit FACT
Nonalcoholic beer brand ODOULS
Amscrayed RAN
Hit by an NFL defensive back? SAFETYBELT
Playground comeback ARESO
Smart-alecky PERT
Hit in Honolulu? HAWAIIANPUNCH
Hit by a Kentucky basketball player? WILDCATSTRIKE
Hit by the 43rd president? BUSHWHACK
Macbeth’s burial place IONA
Inspiration for poets and musicians ERATO
Sonnet ending? EER
Sign on a B’way booth TKTS
Donnybrook RIOT
Hit in Scotland? ARGYLESOCK
IRA offerer SANDL
Hand lotion ingredient ALOE
Angry with "off" TEED
1960 Olympics site ROME
Starfleet Academy grad ENS
One of Lincoln’s "Team of Rivals" SEWARD
Seconder’s opinion IAGREE
"Riveting" poster woman ROSIE
In the buff BARE
Ford contemporary OLDS
Triangular sails JIBS
Hodgepodge OLIO
Checked out EYED
Cartesian conclusion IAM
Army E-3 PFC
Bard’s "before" ERE
Bygone carrier TWA
Bit of smoke WISP
Part of FWIW FOR
Chucklehead SAP
With plenty of pixels HIGHRES
Pop-up-blocking program ADAWARE
Nazareth native ISRAELI
Pine e.g. CONIFER
Give rise to SPAWN
AC stat BTU
For fear that LEST
Bye word ADIEU
Caused LEDTO
Quislings TRAITORS
Cabinet dept. honcho SECY
Diva ___ Te Kanawa KIRI
Slangy dissents NAHS
Capital near Casablanca RABAT
Senate attire TOGA
Doing battle ATWAR
Marketing leader? TELE
Collaborator with Cahn and Sondheim STYNE
"It can’t be!" OHNO
___ gin fizz SLOE
Some hosp. employees LPNS
Find a new purpose for REUSE
Cloudless CLEAR
Cap’n’s mate BOSN
Moo goo gai pan pan WOK
Boy toy GIJOE
Hardly the life of the party ASOCIAL
With a lot of spunk PERKILY
Reviewer Roeper RICHARD
Comped thing FREEBIE
Cry in cartoons EEK
Rx writers MDS
Canadian capital? CEE
Ground cover SOD
Increase with "up" AMP