Washington Post Crossword Answers February 14th 2017

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Clue Solution
DirecTV accessory DISH
In apple-pie order NEAT
Caps Lock neighbor TAB
Poems of praise ODES
Cover worn on "Chopped" APRON
Items held in a hold CARGO
Bridget Riley specialty OPART
Bench-clearing brawl MELEE
American folk standard GOODNIGHTIRENE
Rocky Mountain high producer POT
Breaks down SOBS
Quarterback Newton of the Carolina Panthers CAM
Submits an offer on eBay BIDS
Shorten a sentence say EDIT
Thomas ___ Edison ALVA
Home of Baylor University WACO
Novelist Wiesel ELIE
Jai ___ ALAI
Six years for a senator TERM
Starting stake ANTE
Release of the Panama Papers e.g. LEAK
Take on carbs EAT
Stepford wives for example ROBOTS
Place to park LOT
Molten rock MAGMA
Lewis Carroll or Mark Twain ALIAS
Smart guys who have trouble scoring NERDS
Army Ranger’s cap BERET
Otolaryngologist’s concern NOSE
"Manon Lescaut" highlight ARIA
Wrestling victories PINS
"Beat it!" SCAT
Sean’s role in "Game of Thrones" NED
"Shucks!" DANG
Clothes worn by Claudius TOGAS
Wine-growing region of Italy ASTI
"That makes sense" ISEE
Crackerjack ADEPT
Rubberneck GAPE
Hall of Fame ballplayer Musial STAN
"The towels were so thick there I could hardly close my suitcase" speaker BERRA
Nerve-racking exam for most ORAL
Put the bite on HITUP
Urban blight SMOG
Fairy-tale villain OGRE
Aegean island where Homer is allegedly buried IOS
Part of a wedding toast often ANECDOTE
Boston nickname BEANTOWN
"The Da Vinci Code" author Brown DAN
Goofing off IDLE
Camp Pendleton for one BASE
Mazda model MIATA
Star that easily explodes? DIVA
Racing shell SCULL
Sheltered valley GLEN
Long look STARE
New York theater award OBIE
"The Wizard of Id" cartoonist Johnny HART
Paving material TAR
Grace period? MEALTIME
Winnipeg’s province MANITOBA
Ornamental carp KOI
Baldwin of "Malice" ALEC
Capital of Switzerland BERN
U.S. Open hazards TRAPS
Young lady GIRL
Constellation with a belt ORION
He played Will in "Will & Grace" ERIC
___ in the shade MADE
On edge TENSE
One of a Columbus trio NINA
Dope ASS
Silver to the Lone Ranger STEED
___ Stroudsburg University EAST
Dot follower COM