Washington Post Crossword Answers February 16th 2017

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Clue Solution
Clear the condensation from as a windshield DEFOG
Wake-up call ALARM
Evidence for which crime scene investigators dust LATENTPRINTS
Grand ___ (bygone sporty Pontiacs) AMS
Camp David Accords for example BILATERALTREATY
"Must I draw you ___?" AMAP
Four Corners region COLORADOPLATEAU
Flagship event at Billie Jean King National Tennis Center USOPEN
Iconic recruitment poster uncle SAM
Liquid rock LAVA
Of monumental size EPIC
It might be stacked or swabbed DECK
For example SAY
Marshmallow-garnished winter beverage HOTCHOCOLATE
Jamaican music genre SKA
Title island in a popular computer game MYST
#26 on the periodic table IRON
Pride of lions? MANE
Most of a meringue EGGS
Show appreciation in a way CLAP
Sitarist Shankar RAVI
Otherworldly glow AURA
Affirmation before a certain pronouncement IDO
Et ___ ALII
Attention metaphorically EAR
Italian sonnet’s "resolution" named for the number of lines it contains SESTET
Little devil IMP
Eponym of a brainteasing colored cube RUBIK
Technical music composition ETUDE
Lavishes love and attention (on) DOTES
George Michael’s erstwhile duo WHAM
Theater award for productions in smaller venues OBIE
Threadbare WORN
In tandem with Alt and Del a keyboard escape mechanism CTRL
Aves. and blvds. STS
Endodontist’s deg. DDS
Hand out as cards DEAL
Classical calculator ABACUS
John Donne work ELEGY
Jazz legend Fitzgerald ELLA
Brunch libation MIMOSA
Hairy hominid in a Eugene O’Neill title APE
Act of derring-do FEAT
Sport not suitable for gate crashers SLALOM
Old London theater name VIC
Shrek and Fiona OGRES
Writer without artistic talent HACK
2016 "Final Five" Olympian GYMNAST
San ___ (Italian Riviera resort city) REMO
Rug rat TYKE
Whenever ANYTIME
Roll an inopportune seven with "out" CRAP
Dry as a bone ARID
Rawboned sort SCRAG
Bush who promoted literacy LAURA
Much of this might be about nothing per Shakespeare ADO
Skimpy lingerie item that’s the subject of a Sisqo song THONG
Singer Lavigne AVRIL
Easy gait LOPE
Change for a five ONES
Tickler of the ivories PIANIST
Not clerical LAIC
Level TIER
Like a Brinks truck ARMORED
Knocks the socks off WOWS
Splinter group SECT
Erstwhile planet that was demoted in 2006 PLUTO
Cable network on which "Sex and the City" originally appeared HBO
Asserted STATED
Lie next to ABUT
Purchase when your tires are running low AIR
Foursome TETRAD
Wrack line maker TIDE
All major party presidential nominees until 2016 MEN
Fat-fingered touchscreen user’s aid STYLUS
Scratches (out) EKES
Was in front LED