Washington Post Crossword Answers June 16th 2017

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Clue Solution
Window sill ledge
Common antibiotic penicillin
Trap ensnare
Embankment levee
Changes for the better amends
Knights sirs
Pig’s abode sty
Bowler’s button reset
Reluctant averse
Inlet cove
Scrapes by ekes
Disclaim deny
Annoy harass
Wall board panel
Old West lawman earp
Revises copy edits
Ritual ceremonial
60 minutes hour
Washington bills ones
Sunrise location east
Enjoy like
Nova ____ scotia
Edgy tense
Water bird loon
Pain in a hearing organ earache
Three-base hit triple
Outgoing social
Door sign enter
In want needy
Up to the time of until
Clairvoyants seers
Pork or beef meat
Pavarotti solo aria
Brown shade rust
Strong metal iron
Sis’s sib bro
Canter lope
Highland miss lass
Hurried raced
Smells odors
Send forth emit
Bring to mind evoke
Puts on dons
Exceedingly very
____ deadly sins seven
Smile grin
14th letters ens
Religious dissent heresy
Fled escaped
Devours eats
Fin. fund ira
Singe sear
Canyon sound echo
Burstyn and DeGeneres ellens
Mild expletive drat
Billion years eon
Be ill ail
Solar ____ eclipse
Wish undone rue
Snow runner ski
Burglar’s booty loot
Expresses scorn sneers
Camping need tent
Pitch toss
Uncle ____ sam
Harness strap rein
Burdensome onerous
Yacht spot marina
Apply frosting ice
English princess anne
Explode erupt
Soft cheese brie
Refer to cite
Church walkway aisle
Highway road
Tresses hair
Starchy tuber (sl.) tater
Just only
House additions ells
Genesis garden eden