Washington Post Crossword Answers June 17th 2017

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Clue Solution
Capri or Wight isle
Plotted conspired
Gardening tool hoe
Authentic actual
Groom preen
Await judgment pend
Chap lad
Green gems emeralds
Friends pals
Reed instruments oboes
Select group elite
Nervous tense
Singer ____ McEntire reba
Shoo! scat
Wiped clean erased
Seat rows tiers
Fraudulent scheme scam
Mama’s spouse papa
Acquire knowledge learn
Alpine dwelling chalet
Long-legged bird heron
Turn into gas evaporate
Chinese staple rice
First garden eden
Florida Native American seminole
Annoying thing pest
Rewrite edit
Gobi for one desert
Wave top crest
Southern beauty belle
Pub mug stein
Anchorman ____ Jennings peter
Drama divisions acts
Evaluate rate
Vietnam’s continent asia
Salon treatment for short perm
Chest bone rib
Philadelphia time zone (abbr.) est
Restless desire itch
Comparison word than
Keats or Tennyson poet
Scat! shoo
Dairy product cream
Skillful able
Country path lane
Cut of meat tenderloin
Printers’ measures ens
Took to court sued
Adjusts again resets
Praline nut pecan
Bar bill tab
Behold see
Type of staircase spiral
Fragrant shrub lilac
Gem weight carat
Mind heed
Not there here
Chimpanzees apes
Scorches sears
Ardent avid
Constructed made
Goofs errs
Location place
Fiend demon
Intensify deepen
TV network cbs
Racket din
Basil sauce pesto
Keep retain
Take five rest
Musical genre rap
Qualified voters electorate
Leisure ease
Skirt opening slit
Metric measure liter
Bustle stir
Certain bills tens
Reviewer Roger ____ ebert
Group of players team
Granny Smith e.g. apple