Washington Post Crossword Answers June 18th 2017

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Clue Solution
Desperate dire
Throne seat
House (Sp.) casa
Slow-moving mammal sloth
Resort spa
Male swan cob
Completely all
Della ____ of "Touched by an Angel" reese
Subject to decay perishable
Stratford-upon-____ avon
Plumbing tube pipe
Malt drinks ales
Requires needs
Engrave with acid etch
Eases up relents
Cold Russian region siberia
The things there those
Sultan’s wives harem
San Antonio shrine alamo
Unable to read illiterate
Stately home manor
Audibly aloud
Street talk slang
Combine merge
Oceans seas
Back tooth molar
Moderately warm tepid
Beseech plead
Thick carpet shag
Haul pull
Medicinal herb aloe
Tibetan priest lama
Rework proofs edit
Dancer ____ Kelly gene
Greek mythology figure eros
Uproar ado
Grant’s enemy lee
Disfigure mar
The ____ of March ides
Old wound scar
Hemingway’s nickname papa
Flawless ideal
____ vault pole
Like Satan evil
Fair reasonable
Heavy twine rope
Real ____ estate
Fishing nets seines
Feminine pronoun her
Movie backdrops sets
Asian language thai
____ Moore of "Indecent Proposal" demi
Gorge chasm
Corridor hall
Thick slice slab
Actress ____ Berry halle
Uttered oral
Opposite of WSW ene
Wild pig boar
Large trucks semis
Average norm
Respiratory organ lung
Overact emote
Three musicians trio
Blade part edge
Dines eats
Mont Blanc e.g. alp
Thinly distributed sparse
Assert allege
Luau entertainment hula
Certain fortuneteller (2 wds.) palmreader
Great deal (2 wds.) alot
Suggestion idea
____ acid (protein component) amino
Joy glee
Performer doer
Appointments dates
Phonograph records discs