Washington Post Crossword Answers June 19th 2017

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Clue Solution
Annoying ones pests
Golfer ____ Woods tiger
Weighing instrument scale
Most favorable optimal
More elegant dressier
Put on don
Join in enter
Tell again restate
Mast spar
Shore bird tern
Drifting asea
Ambition goal
Drink like a dog lap
Looks over eyes
Gathers crops reaps
Top pilots aces
Do roadwork pave
Uncork open
Take care of tend
Rents lets
Butter’s rival oleo
Pincer claw
Corned beef dish hash
Athlete’s coworker teammate
Deserve earn
More sharply inclined steeper
Pseudonyms aliases
Printers’ measures ens
Gent (sl.) fella
Religious images icons
____ Antoinette marie
Sports ring arena
Sci-fi weapon laser
Better late ____ never than
Part role
Passenger vehicle auto
Laundry appliance iron
Munch eat
Separated apart
More peculiar odder
Bachelor party stag
Grand epic
Apt prone
Mexican coin peso
Epic saga
Portable shelters tents
Zone area
Vine support trellis
Unending eternal
Small rivers streams
Light beam ray
Two of a kind pair
Pekoe server teapot
____ Ness monster loch
Director Spike ____ lee
Get free escape
Vocalist ____ Fitzgerald ella
Squeal rat
Divisible by two even
Taunts teases
Tiny vegetable pea
Post send
"Who cares?" (2 wds.) sowhat
Bargain bonanza sale
TKO caller ref
Least possible minimal
Apprentice trainee
Eyelash makeup mascara
60 minutes hour
Appeals pleas
Metallic rocks ores
Palo ____ alto
Make ecstatic elate
On cloud ____ nine
Bright sign neon
Appraises rates
Singe sear
Butter units pats