Washington Post Crossword Answers March 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
Old saying adage
Expiate atone
Fatherly paternal
Grinning person smiler
Loony loco
Perfect ideal
Basil sauce pesto
Atlas item map
Rubs out erases
Designer Oscar ____ (3 wds.) delarenta
Once more anew
Young fellows lads
Stash hoard
Harden gel
Compass point (abbr.) sse
Eye suggestively ogle
"Star ____" trek
Alike same
Conks out dies
Biblical locale eden
Cilantro coriander
Snaky fish eel
Cozy place nest
Flat cap beret
Built-in integral
Stroke lovingly pet
Daughter’s brother son
Polite word please
Baby’s toy rattle
Bowler’s button reset
Blur smear
Elk’s kin moose
The British ____ isles
Swindle cheat
Farm unit acre
Not ever in verse neer
Trim pare
Maroon red
Memo letters asap
Massachusetts city salem
Olympic award medal
Computer info data
A la ____ mode
Hockey venue arena
Loads (2 wds.) alot
Sherbets ices
Lost color paled
Dancer ____ Kelly gene
Reluctant loath
Logging tools saws
Come out emerge
Not as tight looser
Infamous emperor nero
Items of value assets
Sticker decal
Category genre
Gun rights group (abbr.) nra
Revered person idol
Run as colors bleed
Gossip bit item
Poet’s always eer
Fruit skins peels
Slithering reptile snake
Hidden gunman sniper
Jog trot
Modifies alters
Lacking iron anemic
Prince Charles’s sister anne
Entice tempt
Golly! gosh
Fragrant wood cedar
Chair seat
Part role
Actress Della ____ reese
Aristocrat earl
On a ship asea
Made mistakes erred
Birch or spruce tree
For fear that lest
Petticoat slip