Washington Post Crossword Answers March 14th 2017

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Clue Solution
Chances odds
Vocalist ____ Fitzgerald ella
Most severe sternest
Spring holiday easter
More factual truer
Above in poems oer
Bargain negotiate
Carbon e.g. element
Autumn fall
Foreign alien
Declare state
Upper body torso
Shakespearean king lear
Relieves eases
Serene calm
Medicinal herb aloe
Ground grain meal
Narrow openings slots
Rich in detail elaborate
Helper aide
Spot of ink blot
Slippery creatures eels
Wading bird heron
Medieval singer minstrel
Offensive tackle e.g. lineman
Goblet part stem
Mystery enigma
Rub clean scrub
Composure poise
Desirable quality asset
Believes deems
Turner and Williams teds
Sour in taste tart
Margin edge
Gentle animal deer
Go bad rot
Overweight obese
Hue tone
Tempo beat
Letter after gamma delta
Whirl reel
Chorus voice alto
Valleys dales
Encourage urge
Untruthful one liar
Frighten startle
Egg dishes omelets
Poetic contraction neer
Iced ____ tea
Recent (prefix) neo
Photographer’s need camera
Misdeeds sins
Pub beverages ales
Narrate relate
Lincoln’s nickname abe
Reluctant loath
Parking place lot
Grin smile
Actor ____ Gibson mel
Pleases greatly elates
Revered one idol
Teases ribs
Articles of faith tenets
Resort spa
Lennon’s lady ono
Bears’ lairs dens
Kevin ____ of "Dances with Wolves" costner
Radiated emitted
Get up rise
Stable female mare
School division grade
Employed used
Molecule component atom
Combine merge
Bookie’s concerns bets
Butterfly catchers nets
Tailor alter
Swift fast