Washington Post Crossword Answers March 16th 2017

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Clue Solution
A sense taste
Wharves piers
December 24 and 31 eves
Bank statement entry deposit
Oil-drilling equipment rig
Tiny landmass islet
Honk beep
Junior’s dad senior
Previous prior
Lopsided election landslide
Teen’s woe acne
Famous loch ness
Teamster’s rig semi
Took to court sued
Roman general caesar
Behind schedule late
Reach attain
Range part oven
Defeat beat
Skin irritation itch
Stable female mare
School leader principal
Siesta nap
Edges rims
Drizzle rain
Took a bus rode
Scuffles tussles
Mean intend
Listens heeds
Actress ____ DeGeneres ellen
Lustrous fabric satin
Heroic poems epics
Anxious tense
Formerly once
Function role
Burn balm aloe
Show concern care
Bottom-row key alt
Recorded taped
Female singers altos
Plot plan
Animated alive
Got it! (2 wds.) isee
Marathon e.g. race
Make tea steep
Secluded valley glen
Country lodgings inns
Upper bodies torsos
Incidents episodes
Curvy letter ess
Religious order sect
Not theirs ours
Peruvian capital lima
"We ____ Family" are
Toss lob
Intolerant of delay impatient
Operate a car drive
Small pie tart
Fri. follower sat
Inspiration idea
Town’s announcer crier
Renter’s rooms apartment
Chick’s mom hen
Tire filler air
Gambler’s notes ious
Facial feature chin
Conclusions ends
Group set
Rug type oriental
Get free escape
Negative reply nope
Vocalist ____ Fitzgerald ella
Caesar’s language latin
Clothed clad
Yule song noel
Roberts and Clapton erics
Elongated fish eels
Fender-bender result dent
Feel sense
Kids ribs