Washington Post Crossword Answers March 17th 2017

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Clue Solution
Coffeepots urns
Forfeited the throne abdicated
Actor Charlton ____ heston
Exhaust deplete
Hard to find rare
The Orient asia
Patch up mend
Modified altered
Soda pop
Diva’s offerings arias
Deck’s kin patio
Clock feature alarm
Lamb’s father ram
Risque racy
Negative reply nope
For all time ever
Horse’s hair mane
Alleviates eases
Small depressions dents
Occupy a chair sit
Tardy arriver latecomer
Malevolent evil
Contradict deny
Defensive trench moat
Bound leap
Brooks streams
Everlasting eternal
Short sleep nap
Outburst tirade
Sum total
Identical alike
Kindled again relit
Beat it! scat
Quality of sound tone
Famous canal erie
Sly look leer
Conclusions ends
Printers’ measures ens
Idaho neighbor utah
Captured took
Father papa
Graduates’s garb robe
Artist’s stand easel
Unwritten oral
Agrees silently nods
Publish print
Mideast bread pita
Short play skit
Guiding person leader
Tire filler air
Earth’s center core
Kidnapper’s request ransom
Radiate emanate
Floor model demo
Large tub vat
Stopped ceased
Implored pled
Opponent enemy
Moral wrong sin
Depart leave
Make over redo
Sofa settee
Soft metal tin
Picnic intruders ants
Majestic stately
Tooth deposit tartar
Long narrative poem epic
Bullfight cheer ole
Annoy pester
Function role
Flooring square tile
Squirrel’s treat acorn
Hymnal word amen
Related akin
Craze mania
Act deed
Rents out lets
Hard metal steel
Blunders errs
Stage offering drama