Washington Post Crossword Answers March 18th 2017

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Clue Solution
Troubles ills
Arrived came
Attraction appeal
Golfer ____ Woods tiger
Tumult ado
Take back retract
Inventor’s protection patent
Hit slap
Showing lots of particulars detailed
Nebraska city omaha
Oven gadget timer
Plant stalks stems
Compete vie
Hotel employee maid
Buddhist monk lama
Opera song aria
Knitting stitch purl
Chick’s sound peep
Operated used
Leg part knee
Europe’s neighbor asia
Nail polish shades reds
Quit stop
Paid attention listened
Poker fee ante
Party giver host
Rained ice sleeted
Southwestern Indian apache
Atlantic fish cod
Peruvian animals llamas
Crunchy crisp
Urban’s opposite rural
Traditional saying adage
Less frequent rarer
Wrestling pads mats
Gasp pant
Fork feature tine
Large amount slew
Mineral source ore
Astronaut ____ Armstrong neil
Field covers tarps
Connect the ____ dots
Jump leap
Flawless ideal
Give off emit
Droopy limp
Must informally gotta
Docile tame
Garment part sleeve
D.C. VIP rep
Attention-getting sound ahem
Male pilot airman
Those who fib liars
Orchard fruit apple
Real actual
Feel remorse rue
First-aid ____ kit
Smudges smears
Dublin’s country ireland
Earphones headset
Like Swiss mountains alpine
Lawn starter sod
Bride’s response (2 wds.) ido
Pilfers steals
Hold tightly clasp
Box crate
Gasoline in England petrol
Impudent rude
____ West of Hollywood mae
Modifies adapts
Persia today iran
Movie star actor
Send a letter mail
Wise man sage
Yonder there
Green Gables girl anne
Begged pled
Jewish feast seder
Hearty soup stew
Indian of Peru inca