Washington Post Crossword Answers March 19th 2017

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Clue Solution
Weep bawl
Takes to court sues
Dialect of Chinese cantonese
Paving material asphalt
Burglarize steal
Variety sort
Used a compass oriented
Business VIP ceo
____ acid (protein component) amino
Actuality fact
Poor me! alas
Bank (on) rely
Soggy damp
Urn vase
Poetic contraction een
Lettuce dish salad
Likely prone
Golf clubs irons
Got up stood
Consumer eater
Startle scare
Keyed up tense
Full of calories fattening
First performance premiere
Shipped sent
Service charge fee
Childhood disease measles
Trickle seep
Not as wet drier
Sumptuous meal feast
Gush spew
At this location here
Diva’s offering aria
Deadlock draw
On an ocean trip asea
Chime peal
Gels sets
Barnyard layer hen
Bartlett’s kin bosc
Mythical giant ogre
Distant afar
Spanish water agua
Boutique store
Man or boy male
Tiny bird wren
Magazine periodical
"____ we forget" lest
Abhor hate
Restless antsy
The ____ Office oval
Disney fish nemo
Of the backbone spinal
Ladder rung step
Newark time zone (abbr.) est
Nab arrest
____-gallon hat ten
Confront face
Unattached loose
Pea capsule pod
Lucifer satan
English princess anne
To and ____ fro
Parking timers meters
____ Moines Iowa des
Origin seed
Main course entree
Judge deem
Destiny fate
Use jointly share
"Beware the ____ of March" ides
Siestas naps
____ vision peripheral
Got it! (2 wds.) isee
New York’s canal erie
Clear the blackboard erase
Not messy neat
____ and tear wear
Salamanders newts
Guys’ dates gals
Business gp. assoc