Washington Post Crossword Answers March 20th 2017

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Clue Solution
Shopper’s delight sale
Ms. Hayworth rita
Eave hanger icicle
Refined genteel
Speedy rapid
Love (Ital.) amore
Smudge smear
Cooking vessels pots
Desire for food appetite
____ damage collateral
Christmas word noel
Significant times eras
Space area
Commercials ads
Insensitive crass
Main artery aorta
Think over again reconsider
Treasure ____ trove
Beginning onset
Capone and Roker als
Pouch sac
Outback bird emu
Dozing ones sleepers
Band instrument oboe
Browning’s "before" ere
Gathered amassed
Las Vegas groom often eloper
Atoll material coral
Thrill elate
Functions roles
Exchange swap
Wine-producing valley napa
Lounge sofa
Passenger fare
Diva’s forte aria
Swamp plant reed
Parsley piece sprig
File rasp
Blueprint plan
Rocker ____ Cooper alice
Munitions for short ammo
Penniless poor
Old Roman language latin
Verse writer poet
Appeal plea
Legislate enact
Mr. Gershwin et al. iras
House additions ells
President e.g. leader
____ standstill (2 wds.) ata
Profession career
Likewise ditto
____ versus Wade roe
Rental agreement lease
Howard ____ of radio stern
Circle sections arcs
Texas landmark alamo
Love god eros
Fur wrap stole
____ diver scuba
"____ Maria" ave
More sensible saner
Brunch dish omelet
Perceive see
Breakfast food cereal
Small cut snip
Go it alone solo
As yet (2 wds.) sofar
Walk in water wade
Exam type oral
Emergency tire spare
Mimic aper
Fortune fate
Ghostly eerie
Norms pars
Pub brews ales
Great fear dread
Complexion woe acne