Washington Post Crossword Answers March 21st 2017

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Clue Solution
Dalai ____ lama
Draw the ____ line
Cleaned (clothes) laundered
Racetrack animal horse
Imitate ape
____ McEntire of country music reba
Constructs erects
Brine (2 wds.) saltwater
Digging tool spade
Plane’s captain pilot
Repent atone
Judged rated
"Yes" vote aye
Dealer’s car demo
Seeing organ eye
A Baldwin alec
Cogwheel gear
Enthusiastic review rave
Cavalry sword saber
Aardvarks anteaters
Decoration adornment
Mama’s man papa
Bullring cheers oles
Fork prong tine
Not so much less
Pen filler ink
Weak anemic
Sense of self ego
Inquired asked
Spear lance
Love in Florence amore
Framed (2 wds.) setup
Motionless inert
Idiot dope
Region area
Fashion name dior
Exported sent
Perfect gymnastics score ten
Pause lull
Client user
Ship’s pole spar
Tibet’s locale asia
Verdi work opera
Pocket bread pita
Diner list menu
Revolt rebel
Much (2 wds.) alot
Stadiums arenas
Play section act
Accomplished done
Applied henna dyed
Chirped tweeted
Consent agree
Composition essay
Shakespearean monarch lear
Medical group (abbr.) ama
Pekoe server teapot
Roof edge eave
Honorable noble
Surrealism’s Salvador ____ dali
____ card credit
Browning’s "always" eer
Store sign open
Comes close nears
Rub out erase
Juneau native alaskan
Endorse sign
Unchanged same
Mogul ____ Turner ted
Wanderers nomads
Rope fastening knot
Act the ham emote
Toledo’s waterfront erie
Unbleached color ecru
Less green riper
Sign gas neon
Bottomless deep
Odor scent
Small pastry tart
Rabbitlike animals hares