Washington Post Crossword Answers May 20th 2017

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Clue Solution
Slipper shoe
Natural reduction in staff attrition
Vermilion red
Las Vegas bride often eloper
Damon or Dillon matt
Tooth problem ache
Slants leans
Magazine VIPs editors
Skill talent
Animated alive
Tailed celestial body comet
Young people teens
Summer drinks ades
Welshman celt
Yuletide noel
Ledger entry item
Title name
Mast spar
Starchy veggie (sl.) tater
Garden tool rake
Phony pretender
Harmful evil
Colorless pale
Slithery swimmers eels
Poker payment ante
Futile useless
India’s continent asia
School compositions essays
Landed property estate
Serious play drama
Aired again reran
Happening event
AM-FM ____ radio
Tear apart rend
Writing fluids inks
Not imaginary real
Totals adds
Pension plan (abbr.) ira
Bowling term spare
Serve tea pour
Diplomacy tact
Traveler’s stopover hotel
Scored on serve aced
Burn balm aloe
Surpass outdo
Bangkok native thai
Green fruit lime
Blunder err
____ leather patent
Smooth even
Frozen iced
14-line poems sonnets
Loan charge interest
Disintegrate rot
Kite part tail
Scanty sparse
Zip pep
Act the ham emote
"One Day ____ Time" (2 wds.) ata
Young insect larva
Fellows men
Cry of discovery eureka
Playwright ____ Simon neil
City trains els
Colonize again resettle
Bureau dresser
Got it! (2 wds.) isee
Races the engine revs
Cowboy’s rope lariat
Gun lobby (abbr.) nra
Locale area
Adam’s garden eden
Assisted aided
Several many
Kitchen basin sink
Tire pattern tread
Colony insects ants
Repairs lawns sods
Noblemen earls
Fellow male