Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers December 14th 2017

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Clue Solution
Sharp turn ZAG
Ointment amounts DABS
Altar promise IDO
Vicinity AREA
Protagonist HERO
2014 Ben Affleck film GONEGIRL
Persia, today IRAN
Pooch DOG
Hybrid fruit TANGELO
Tea biscuits SCONES
Quarterback Marino DAN
MSN alternative AOL
Ewe’s mate RAM
[Yawn] HOHUM
Carpet type SHAG
Spy org. CIA
Roman emperor NERO
Firetruck necessities HOSES
Joan of — ARC
Links grp. PGA
URL ending ORG
Baby cat KITTEN
Invective VITRIOL
Actor Stephen REA
"— to differ!" IBEG
Seasoning herb TARRAGON
Spanish ayes SISI
Ballet attire TUTU
Sugar suffix OSE
"The Thin Man" dog ASTA
Midmonth date IDES
Fanatic NUT
Sharp turn ZIG
Fuss ADO
Venetian vessels GONDOLAS
Sharp weapon DAGGER
"Entourage" role ARI
Ernie’s "Sesame Street" pal BERT
Leaves for lunch? SALAD
Ballerina’s hairstyle CHIGNON
Roll call reply HERE
Russian river URAL
Stereo alternative MONO
A billion years EON
"Unh-unh" NAH
Silver salmon COHO
Pouch SAC
Ms. Farrow MIA
Seven-sided figure HEPTAGON
Desire URGE
Complain MOAN
Alabama neighbor GEORGIA
Biblical boat ARK
Lanka lead-in SRI
High, wispy cloud CIRRUS
"The Dapper Don" GOTTI
Earl Grey, for one TEA
Travel permit VISA
Nile wader IBIS
Try out TEST
Praise LAUD
Numbered rd. RTE
Buckeyes’ sch. OSU
Profit NET