Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers December 15th 2017

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Clue Solution
Resort SPA
Pot-bellied pet PIG
Uses an eggbeater WHIPS
Wee bit TAD
Inseparable ONE
Mortal HUMAN
Half of bi- UNI
Service charge FEE
Dutch city, with "The" HAGUE
Male cat TOM
Lighten EASE
Packed away ATE
Intrepid PLUCKY
Change COINS
Commercial cow ELSIE
India-Pakistan region PUNJAB
Diner dessert PIE
Jason’s ship ARGO
"Simpsons" storekeeper APU
Fixes illegally RIGS
Engine hums PURRS
Gun lobby org. NRA
Going places ONTHEMOVE
Rail BAR
Black — spider WIDOW
PBS funder NEA
Egg (Pref.) OVI
Endures LASTS
Workout site GYM
Ballot marks XES
Talk-show group PANEL
Farewell ADIEU
Milne bruin POOH
Congenital INNATE
Very beginning GETGO
Roller coaster cry WHEE
Center HUB
"— Little Teapot" IMA
Crony PAL
NBC sketch show SNL
Camel feature HUMP
Bluegrass instrument BANJO
Swiss mathematician EULER
Rm. coolers ACS
Enjoy Vail SKI
Needle hole EYE
Airport screening org. TSA
Floral garland LEI
IRS employee CPA
Owned by us OUR
Gerund ending ING
"The Wizard of Oz" author BAUM
Provide provisions PURVEY
Office mail holder INBOX
Burial place GRAVE
Ganges garments SARIS
Church seating PEWS
Fashion line? SEAM
Barn bird OWL
Actress Long NIA
QB stats TDS
Stolen HOT