Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers December 4th 2017

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Clue Solution
Tolerate BEAR
Tavern BAR
Pedestal part DADO
Hamburg’s river ELBE
Show to a seat, slangily USH
On the rocks ICED
Power co. supply ELEC
Breed of pony SHETLAND
Deli meat SALAMI
Conforms ADAPTS
Fallon predecessor LENO
Disco guy on "The Simpsons" STU
Pet adoption centers SHELTERS
"Born Free" lioness ELSA
Curse POX
"It’s — in the right direction" ASTEP
Bill’s partner COO
Alphabet quartet ABCD
Skilled sleuth SHERLOCK
Ornate vase URN
Mayberry boy OPIE
Yule quaff EGGNOG
Flock tender SHEPHERD
Ethereal AIRY
Marathoner’s stat TIME
Half of XIV VII
Untalkative one CLAM
Till bills ONES
Charged bit ION
Hankerings YENS
Honey bunch? BEES
First lady of scat ELLA
First victim ABEL
Bring to mind RECALL
Profession BUSINESS
Fire sign? ASH
Ostrich kin RHEA
Mexican resort ACAPULCO
Fender bender DENT
Probability ODDS
NFL six-pointers TDS
Transcending (Pref.) META
Lawn care brand ORTHO
Hotel amenity SPA
Fireplace shelf HOB
Permeated drop by drop SEEPEDIN
Assn. SOC
Fine, at NASA AOK
Bluenose PRIG
Heavy curtains DRAPES
Bequest LEGACY
Medical research org. NIH
Regarding ASTO
Tibia’s place SHIN
Jeans-maker Strauss LEVI
Egyptian river NILE
Algerian port ORAN
Workout venues GYMS
Carnival city RIO