Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers December 6th 2017

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Clue Solution
Cover LID
Compass dir. SSE
Margarita garnish LIME
Bundle of wheat SHEAF
Eton rival HARROW
1976 film about Woody Guthrie BOUNDFORGLORY
Ninny ASS
Incline SLOPE
High point PEAK
Bigwigs VIPS
Astronomer Carl SAGAN
Loafers, e.g. SHOES
Director Ephron NORA
James of "The Godfather" CAAN
Santa — winds ANA
College officials DEANS
Proof letters QED
Hit song by Simon and Garfunkel HOMEWARDBOUND
"Adam Bede" author ELIOT
Jack who ate no fat SPRAT
Right angles ELLS
Frequently OFT
Rebel Turner NAT
"Peanuts" blanket carrier LINUS
Poker player’s words IMIN
World’s lowest lake DEADSEA
Pointy SHARP
Suit fabric SERGE
Count counterpart EARL
Cambodia neighbor LAOS
Trembled SHOOK
Restaurant fan FOODIE
CEO’s deg. MBA
Concludes filming WRAPS
Spanish custard FLAN
QB’s stats YDS
Links org. PGA
Part of some German names VON
"— a gun!" SONOF
Pal of Porthos ARAMIS
Hourglass fill SAND
Fading star HASBEEN
"Unh-unh" NAH
Insertion mark CARET
Overshadow DWARF
Really annoy EATAT
Patchwork bedcover QUILT
Adam’s grandson ENOS
Banned insecticide DDT
Big fair, for short EXPO
Stewpot OLLA