Eugene Sheffer Crossword Answers December 7th 2017

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Clue Solution
God of war ARES
Cold and damp RAW
Snitch TELL
Leslie Caron film LILI
Blackbird ANI
Send forth EMIT
Oil cartel OPEC
Calendar abbr. MON
Raced SPED
Fishing gear TACKLE
Missile shelter SILO
Church game handouts BINGOCARDS
Making all the stops LOCAL
Actress Adams AMY
401(k) alternative IRA
"Hi, sailor!" AHOY
French Mrs. MME
Soviet space station MIR
Bakery buy PIE
Office notes MEMOS
Percussionists beat them BONGODRUMS
Sketched DREW
Agitation DITHER
Skin soother ALOE
Conclusion END
Roof overhang EAVE
Forum wear TOGA
Observe SEE
Mother of Zeus RHEA
Lion’s share MOST
Roofing goo TAR
Beach blanket? SAND
Oodles ALOT
TV host Kelly RIPA
Util. bill ELEC
Ship’s hospital SICKBAY
Asian noodles RAMEN
Yucatan year ANO
Endearing, as a smile WINSOME
Inventor Nikola TESLA
Large store EMPORIUM
British "Inc." LTD
Like Abner LIL
Glacial ICY
Xbox enthusiast GAMER
Bond foe DRNO
Declares SAYS
Gentle soul LAMB
Buckeye State OHIO
Deep-fried franks CORNDOGS
Corn Belt locale MIDWEST
Bothers persistently PESTERS
"The Bells" author POE
2001, to Cato MMI
"Terrific!" GREAT
Milk dispenser UDDER
"Funny!" HAHA
Divisible by two EVEN
Peruse READ
Cash dispenser ATM
Privy LOO
PBS funder NEA