La Times Crossword Answers December 18th 2017

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Clue Solution
Trains with a view of the street below ELS
Second-string squad BTEAM
Cherokee and Wrangler JEEPS
VCR go-back button REW
1945 "Big Three" conference city YALTA
"Snowy" bird EGRET
Shunning public utilities and such GOINGOFFTHEGRID
"Blame It __": Caine film ONRIO
Continental coin EURO
Even-steven ALLSQUARE
Twelfths of yrs. MOS
"Say what?" responses HUHS
Horror film reaction SCREAM
__ fatso: bit of Archie Bunker language-mangling IPSO
World games org. IOC
Oktoberfest dance POLKA
Respond to cries of "Encore!" DOANOTHERNUMBER
Delivery doc OBGYN
Prefix with natal NEO
Breathe like a hot dog PANT
"You can’t leave this way" sign NOEXIT
Soprano superstar DIVA
Notepad file extension TXT
Is totally in the dark HASNOCLUE
Classic 900 automaker SAAB
No-brainer CINCH
Where to find the last words of 17-, 22-, 39- and 51-Across CROSSWORDPUZZLE
Cry of dismay from Charlie Brown AAUGH
Grape holders VINES
McKellen of "X-Men" IAN
Minor, as a complaint PETTY
Online social appointment EDATE
Z’s 10, in Scrabble: Abbr. PTS
Therefore ERGO
British pop singer Lewis LEONA
Ice cream pattern SWIRL
"Golly!" BYGOSH
Lao Tzu principle TAO
Helper in Santa’s workshop ELF
Justice Dept. arm ATF
Mom in Middlesex MATER
Sound of bleachers discontent JEER
Toaster waffle choice EGGO
Goof ERR
Architect I.M. __ PEI
Par for the course: Abbr. STD
Zero, in soccer NIL
Color variations HUES
Storm out of work for good QUIT
"Oops!" UHOH
Word before toast or after peach MELBA
Like the old bucket of song OAKEN
Intelligent SMART
PC brain CPU
Easy victory ROMP
"__ get it" IDONT
Mail dely. compartment POBOX
Bob of "Fuller House" SAGET
Black gem ONYX
Covert maritime org. ONI
Equestrian strap REIN
De __: again NOVO
Point a finger at ACCUSE
Below’s opposite ABOVE
Actress Taylor, familiarly LIZ
Open, as a ski suit UNZIP
Brilliant display ECLAT
Like used fireplaces ASHY
Coop layers HENS
Baseball hat CAP
Charlotte of "The Facts of Life" RAE
On a date, say OUT
Unburdened (of) RID
"CSI" evidence DNA
Family dog, e.g. PET