La Times Crossword Answers December 25th 2017

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Clue Solution
"See ya" BYE
Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey __ OSWALD
Mediterranean exile isle ELBA
Managed RAN
Rain, to a picnic RUINER
Stereotypical techie NERD
Play part ACT
Innermost foot digit BIGTOE
New Mexico art community TAOS
Piltdown Man, purportedly THEMISSINGLINK
Vain gaits STRUTS
Less hospitable ICIER
Really skimpy, like the polka-dot bikini of song TEENIEWEENIE
River rollicker OTTER
Finance guru Suze ORMAN
Bearded Serengeti critter GNU
Word after milk or meter MAID
Confederacy foe UNION
Stock holders? POTS
Biblical craft ARK
Where the heart is CHEST
Dugout craft CANOE
Hangover remedy, so they say HAIROFTHEDOG
Playwright Chekhov ANTON
What drinks like Jolt provide ENERGY
"Honestly speaking … " TOBEQUITEFRANK
Birth announcement word GIRL
Like the bed of someone rushing out UNMADE
Cell occupant CON
A single time ONCE
Big app for Apple ITUNES
Angsty rock genre EMO
Amazed sounds OOHS
Deputized bands POSSES
Lawn coating DEW
Babysitting nightmares … or relatives of the ends of the four longest puzzle answers BRATS
Luxury boat YACHT
Moon, e.g. ORBITER
Credit __: Zurich bank SUISSE
Powdered headwear WIGS
Naysayer ANTI
Writer Uris LEON
Bit of wine sediment DREG
Using for support LEANINGON
Forcefully entered BROKEINTO
Website pop-ups ADS
Muffled, as a trumpet MUTED
Bank’s claim LIEN
Employ again REUSE
Nine-piece combo NONET
"When __ Eyes Are Smiling" IRISH
Overact EMOTE
Pale WAN
Nebraska city OMAHA
"Pulp Fiction" writer/director Quentin TARANTINO
TV dial letters UHF
"Your table’s ready" signaler PAGER
Ice cream holder CONE
Come clean CONFESS
Paso __: California wine city ROBLES
Political pundit Myers DEEDEE
Garden-guarding figurine GNOME
Informal "Catch my drift?" YKNOW
Witticism QUIP
Golden rule preposition UNTO
Irreverent radio host Don IMUS
Sunbathers’ goals TANS
Sticky stuff GOO