La Times Crossword Answers December 26th 2017

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Clue Solution
Champagne cocktail MIMOSA
Wrist-to-elbow bone ULNA
Young newt EFT
Prepared (oneself), as for a shock BRACED
Be unsuccessful FAIL
The "A" in 59-Across ALE
Dogs from Japan AKITAS
Jamaican term for hot chocolate COCOATEA
Suffix with hip or tip STER
Stormy weather sound THUNDER
Greek salad ingredient GOATCHEESE
Board game cubes DICE
French friend AMI
"__-ho!": "Everybody lift together!" HEAVE
Scrutinized, with "over" PORED
__ majesty: high treason LESE
Letter before omega PSI
Leftover food bits ORTS
Car accessory that may be faux leather SEATCOVER
Actor Brad PITT
__ kwon do TAE
Start of a magical chant ABRA
Longed (for) PINED
Minor fight SETTO
Tyrannosaurus __ REX
Norwegian patron saint OLAF
Glowing barbecue lump REDHOTCOAL
Records again RETAPES
Wolf’s cry HOWL
Traitor, and a literal hint to this puzzle’s circles TURNCOAT
Ex-Soviet leader Brezhnev LEONID
Hoppy beer, for short IPA
Use a stopwatch for TIME
Painter or sculptor ARTIST
Cleopatra killer ASP
Winter coaster SLED
Balance sheet items ASSETS
Management deg. MBA
Annoying IRKSOME
Rum cocktails MAITAIS
Two foursomes OCTET
Look online SEARCH
App interruptions ADS
Mixed martial arts org. UFC
"Tao Te Ching" philosopher LAOTSE
Specialized market segment NICHE
Baseball’s Felipe or Moises ALOU
Humbly accept blame EATDIRT
Swindles FLEECES
Got emotional, with "up" TEARED
Republic between Spain and France ANDORRA
__ pal GAL
Air filter acronym HEPA
Sunrise direction EAST
Kicked out EVICTED
Poet for whom the Edgar Awards are named POE
Miami Sound Machine singer Gloria ESTEFAN
Scheduled leaving hr. ETD
Pledge OATH
White House no VETO
Multi-car collisions PILEUPS
Ensnared INATRAP
Chocolate treat BROWNIE
Practical thinker REALIST
Rock singer Rose AXL
"The Merchant of Venice" heiress PORTIA
Opening word for Ali Baba SESAME
Unlisted stuff OTHERS
Lubricate again REOIL
Codgers COOTS
Cuts for agts. PCTS
Danson of "The Good Place" TED
Anaheim MLB team, in crawl lines LAA
Souse’s woe DTS