Metro Crossword Answers December 18th 2017

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Clue Solution
Storing away greedily HOARDING
On ship ABOARD
Caught off-guard, taken … UNAWARES
Elders’ knowledge WISDOM
Unfastening LOOSENING
Leotard fabric LYCRA
Highly excited AGOG
Frighten STARTLE
Stumbles (5,2) TRIPSUP
Rodents RATS
Welsh dog breed CORGI
Romantic fling AFFAIR
Genetic alteration MUTATION
Come out EMERGE
Re-evaluate REASSESS
Every 60 minutes HOURLY
Brazil’s great rainforest and river AMAZON
Hang in folds DRAPE
Requiring NEEDING
Outstanding! BRILLIANT
Insolence AUDACITY
Lowered (oneself) DEMEANED
Grows old AGES
Swapping rumours GOSSIPING
Pellet gun (3,5) AIRRIFLE
Smoker’s tube PIPE
Redirect (traffic) REROUTE
Spies, secret … AGENTS
Australian gems OPALS