Metro Crossword Answers December 25th 2017

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Clue Solution
Flat serving dishes PLATTERS
Energetic person or generator DYNAMO
In working order OPERATIONAL
Piece of turf SOD
Flying saucer (1,1,1) UFO
Sparkle GLEAM
Start (of disease) ONSET
Absolutely necessary and essential (thing) INDISPENSABLE
Gem used in jewellery (8,5) PRECIOUSSTONE
Wigwam TEPEE
Pink-fleshed tropical fruit GUAVA
Health spring SPA
Estimated touchdown time (1,1,1) ETA
Trying out (for role) AUDITIONING
Burns with steam SCALDS
Vegetables, … sprouts BRUSSELS
Support (4,2) PROPUP
Had a meal ATE
Strummed (banjo) TWANGED
Hoist (flag) RAISE
Discolours through age YELLOWS
Donkeys ASSES
Peculiarities ODDITIES
Quantities NUMBERS
Salad dressing liquid, … oil OLIVE
Lagers BEERS
Immaculately clean and without blemish SPOTLESS
Shamrock isle IRELAND
Public speakers ORATORS
Measuring instruments or evaluates GAUGES
Shopping mall PLAZA
Change ALTER
Fury IRE