Metro Crossword Answers December 26th 2017

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Clue Solution
Mince/potato dish (7,3) COTTAGEPIE
Move through water SWIM
Jewelled crown TIARA
Sewing aids THIMBLES
Founded BASED
Ouija sessions SEANCES
German measles RUBELLA
Stocking runs LADDERS
Kinder NICER
Tell off (5,4) DRESSDOWN
Native of Mecca SAUDI
Soft drink SODA
Deleted from list (7,3) CROSSEDOFF
Uses scissors CUTS
Hot brew TEA
Burglar deterrent ALARM
Wraps up ENFOLDS
Front tooth INCISOR
Wizards’ rods WANDS
Overly emotional plays MELODRAMAS
Step by step (3,2,3) BITBYBIT
Learnt (of) HEARD
Seashore walking areas ESPLANADES
Most obvious CLEAREST
Thrust forward LUNGE
Pure white animals ALBINOS
Set of beliefs CREED
Supermarket lane AISLE
Lovers’ quarrel TIFF
Alien spacecraft (1,1,1) UFO