Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers December 16th 2017

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Clue Solution
Drape around cleric PADRE
Affection right for Romeo LOVER
Wander out of terror ERR
Permission to chop veal with energy LEAVE
Ridicule golf pegs, say TEASE
He’s good at karate DAN
Knock a style of music RAP
Pass out of recollection COL
Healthy colour in Istanbul TAN
Part of meal on salver, say ENTREE
New role for knowledge LORE
Now Arsenal has struggles WARS
Searches for tiny amounts TRACES
Guided by a small light LED
Honest about quantity ONE
Same level within department PAR
Unprepared in drawer RAW
Force to use the car DRIVE
Moving near a venue ARENA
Free of gridlock RID
OK bloke ROGER
Rushes and scans broadcasts REEDS
Gas from terribly pert old student PETROL
Part of Far East AREA
Suspend Republican dealer DRAPER
Choose from selection ELECT
All Ed ordered was serving utensil LADLE
Removal includes eggs OVA
Air of invention VENT
Endlessly regretting destruction RUIN
Body part generating argon ORGAN
Atmosphere in Cairo AIR
Catch in one trap NET
Fewer of animal EWE
Nobel’s prize OBE
Wish for a steeple ASPIRE
Tears into quiet socialists SHREDS
Argumentative sportsman? ROWER
Raced around tree CEDAR
Look for shelter by river LEER
Haul giving doctor silver DRAG
Keen sort of diva AVID
Is more than one? ARE