Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers December 18th 2017

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Clue Solution
Bird seen to cringe QUAIL
Dance and live with body odour quietly BEBOP
Whip pet CAT
I am sending deep hamper IMPEDE
Feeble impudence about Frenchman LIMP
Skittish around rig KIT
Betting corner has something shiny SPANGLE
At home, anxious and earnest INTENSE
Charming around branch ARM
Revealing about beef? VEAL
Inclination to hide granita (licked) ITALIC
Won over for the present NOW
Respond concerning sheet of wood REPLY
Never lost courage NERVE
Fast getting one element or another QUICKSILVER
Juicer contains cold item ICE
Gladstone’s son LAD
Swimmer after British gems BLING
Father and mother surround wharf with revolutionary material PAPIERMACHE
Contemporary with part-timer TEMP
Kitty spotted inside POT
Offence of losing SIN
Copy of tapestry APE
Walk like a vagabond TRAMP
Turn pins around SPIN
Everyone in gallery ALL
Not returning a great deal TON
Wonder inside drawer AWE