Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers December 19th 2017

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Clue Solution
Obvious type of leather PATENT
His camera captured illegal operation SCAM
Greet the weather HAIL
Box on right shows sign of damage CRATER
Started with quiche TART
We’re off to get jug EWER
Race around tree ACER
Hearsay about bit of corn EAR
Bird in the nest HEN
Window is a nuisance, say PANE
Regarded as part of play, say SEEN
Rush at unusual rate TEAR
Complain of empty gutter river GROUSE
Observe a sound NOTE
Doesn’t stand for fibs LIES
Modern centre design RECENT
Exercise is able to provide nourishment PECAN
Catch wrong part TRAP
Quantity sent there THREE
Ties up venue SITE
Cartel controlling alcohol CLARET
Travel fast in a car MOTOR
Navy bird? WREN
Caught primate at headland CAPE
Mad in French river, say INSANE
Accommodation stolen by the Spanish HOTEL
Range generates fury ANGER
Handle a nice surprise TREAT
God of the roses EROS
Positive ruse would work SURE