Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers December 20th 2017

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Clue Solution
Firm about middle CORE
Furious wife flipped lid WILD
Caught greeting in cavern CAVE
Employed American journalist USED
Overdue translating tale LATE
Claimed work with doctors MEDICAL
Advantaged with transport VAN
Money makes stupid points DIMES
Costume custom HABIT
Rushes defence of humanities DARTS
Whole time alto performed TOTAL
Lose arms around Baltic, say SEA
Afterwards take a student to one side LATERAL
Origin of botany? ROOT
Transaction is small beer SALE
Part of community UNIT
Contented to have tepee TENT
Crack the game SNAP
Friend about to sing CHUM
Regretted being impolite, say RUED
Dish as ordered by boy SALAD
You and I have time to get soaked WET
Study with a college head DEAN
Virginia finds cover current VALID
Composed directions to appointment SEDATE
A number enjoy something DIGIT
Always in same version EVER
Last working with artist of the stars ASTRAL
Meals cooked for blokes MALES
Pub accepts old swine BOAR
Working a lot with new nail TALON
City can provide language LATIN
Notice location SPOT
Managed to get one in bad conditions RAIN
Pale sort of spring LEAP
Not at home in Southampton OUT