Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers December 21st 2017

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Clue Solution
Serious gap in astrology BLACKHOLE
Roam around after a smell AROMA
Auction takes note of weighing device SCALE
It’s a new way to relax SIT
Content with quantity TEN
Cultivating sage for a long time AGES
Mad sort of lament MENTAL
Barely enough hypocrisy after school SCANT
Artist takes jetty to be a weapon RAPIER
Shout in Grantham RANT
Sick of villages ILL
Father left as a friend PAL
Judges plane to have crashed PANEL
Strange to send a line ALIEN
Hired lease by journalist CHARTERED
Get beaten, having nothing approximate LOOSE
Talk about headwear CHAT
Rush as hen sat around HASTEN
Inclined to have meagre time LEANT
Soldier on grid gets some text PARAGRAPH
Giant fled, somehow shrinking DEFLATING
Young lady to lie about cannon ball MISSILE
Basic line taken in London CENTRAL
Ruin in Denmark MAR
Heard vendor in vault CELLAR
Steal fastener at church PINCH
Animated a veil badly ALIVE
Walk with tangled cape PACE