Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers December 22nd 2017

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Clue Solution
A season outside is frugal SPARING
Magic word for a tempo PRESTO
Tidy health worker ORDERLY
Last order for a sailor SALT
Lore confused character ROLE
Husky, say, or another animal HORSE
Quiet worker to sound excited PANT
Bring up the back REAR
A profit once more AGAIN
Bound to change diet TIED
Hit with undergarment SOCK
Blamed defendant ACCUSED
Inaugurate a motor boat LAUNCH
Grey ale brewed with enthusiasm EAGERLY
Show contempt for skewer SPIT
Individual has a facade PERSONA
Pinched shawl STOLE
Left some wine PORT
Speaking to richer ensemble RHETORIC
Heard bloke in hot spring GEYSER
Let audit be carried out at height ALTITUDE
Bragged about scrap RAG
About to get English monarch humming REEKING
School nowadays is gloomy SAD
Friend and expert in building PALACE
Trifle with attorney before midnight TODAY
Flog directions to students SELL
Repeat in the choir ECHO