Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers December 23rd 2017

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Clue Solution
Cleaner has key to chamber BROOM
Share out animals HARES
Tear out of Tripoli RIP
Whisper to a team ASIDE
Aide’s unusual impressions IDEAS
Nod back at lecturer DON
Study of cadences DEN
Roderick has some poetry ODE
Drink of character, say TEA
Serious-sounding chap ERNEST
Tender rose arrangement SORE
Criminal’s snood HOOD
Fundamental right to a textbook PRIMER
Permit to hire LET
Bemused with creature EMU
Ann drove around Granny NAN
Drama about livestock RAM
Food and drink TOAST
Fruit that’s round, as it happens OLIVE
Fasten around the neck TIE
Month with alien group OCTET
Fear movement of adder DREAD
Bishop travels to see wives BRIDES
Dire sort of journey RIDE
Cricketer useful in the kitchen OPENER
Artisan’s mother and child MASON
Conceals pelts HIDES
Fuss at a party ADO
Hire in Brentwood RENT
Thus get attorney a drink SODA
Somehow mined for material DENIM
The golfer’s conceit EGO
More polite with salesman REP
Definitely an article THE
Now employers have to be obliged OWE
Embellished or terribly neat ORNATE
Damaged book indeed DENTED
Send new timer REMIT
Suppressed swan on the day MUTED
Loud, disruptive game LUDO
Jog out of bistro, typically TROT
When I get a great deal of land ASIA
Talented with a drink ALE