Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers December 24th 2017

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Clue Solution
Run prints round SPRINT
Nucleus of bigger machine GERM
Way out of Broads ROAD
Reported location of fish PLAICE
Left to fit out elevator LIFT
Tidy in one attempt NEAT
Unusual to get second chances ODDS
Low-flying bird OWL
Lashes around tree ASH
Beams at fish RAYS
Help make a wager ABET
Uncovered wild bear BARE
Story of the foot? LEGEND
Great game is played MEGA
Officers’ room in confusion MESS
Pay to get comfortable SETTLE
A pie’s changed colour SEPIA
Authentic sort of earl REAL
Time to tear into fashion TREND
Girl at a party GALA
Chief rioted unexpectedly EDITOR
Copper, say, encountered a trainee METAL
Notice eastern agent ESPY
Terrible sort of ride DIRE
Delights church members CHARMS
Record a pound with hesitation ALBUM
Finally doesn’t finish a book ATLAS
Dirge about bank RIDGE
Insects are characters, we hear BEES
Invested with underwear VEST