Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers December 25th 2017

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Clue Solution
Words collapsed before weapon SWORD
Creature tamed by Shakespeare SHREW
Heard beer was trouble AIL
Yearn to hold you at last with energy, then laze around LOUNGE
One worked for a long time EON
A quiet new pearl dress APPAREL
Cat is part-hen, strangely PANTHER
Scarf is smelly and acrid at first BOA
Marched around building ARCH
Box on right shows sign of damage CRATER
Question the method HOW
It happened in the Seventies EVENT
Feel depressed underneath BELOW
Metal crockery gets expensive coating SILVERPLATE
Rushed out of France RAN
Enjoy some archaeology DIG
Reappear concerning dog RECUR
Turn to stop argument in conveyance WHEELBARROW
Pale sort of spring LEAP
Run off to get receptacle URN
Has turned into tree ASH
Same level within department PAR
Crane made of mother-of-pearl NACRE
Every teacher has it EACH
Flyer makes a racket BAT
Steal broken orb ROB
Wonder inside drawer AWE