Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers December 26th 2017

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Clue Solution
Warning the rat off THREAT
Affected row of tents CAMP
Picture one prisoner ICON
Harass forest dweller BADGER
Stupid European coin DIME
Made out dairy product EDAM
Creature of the masses ASS
Exclude from pub BAR
Rule out bait LURE
Still in the venture EVEN
Right award for a dress ROBE
Signed off pattern DESIGN
Feeble sort of meal LAME
Owing to student conflict DUEL
Flexible game RUBBER
Forbidden to throw a boot TABOO
Reportedly regretted being discourteous RUDE
Tried working, exhausted TIRED
Fish with a musical tail CODA
Brute has article to mail off ANIMAL
Reporters insist PRESS
Lied about being lazy IDLE
Register for a large drink TREBLE
Disinterested, alternatively, in bed BORED
Beneath foreign articles UNDER
Heard note from singer TENOR
Revealing about beef VEAL
Climbing around branch LIMB