Mirror Cryptic Crossword Answers November 26th 2017

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Clue Solution
Compassion to get small suit HEARTS
Chap gets record assistance HELP
A victory on river AVON
Warning the rat off THREAT
The French find Virginia hot stuff LAVA
Time to order something ITEM
Wonderful penalty FINE
Devour in one attempt EAT
Hippies’ food PIE
Mile away from fruit LIME
Regarded as part of play, say SEEN
Lisa managed to travel by sea SAIL
Darren sent off on mission ERRAND
Attorney finds politician wet DAMP
Honest old writer OPEN
Listen out for decoration TINSEL
Stolen the Spanish accommodation HOTEL
Race round some land ACRE
Unfortunate stain on cloth SATIN
Opening sounds complete HOLE
Fish has turned man – that’s hard ENAMEL
Growth at factory PLANT
Some time in Outer Mongolia TERM
Lied about being lazy IDLE
Unusual desire to live RESIDE
Stop cooking with European sauce PESTO
Unskilled in pet management INEPT
Perfect sitter MODEL
Melanie has style ELAN
Great deal of service MASS