Mirror Quick Crossword Answers December 20th 2017

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Clue Solution
Obligatory MANDATORY
Big cat LION
Spectator ONLOOKER
Minor earthquake TREMOR
Complete UTTER
In office (of an MP) SITTING
Receptacle for rubbish BIN
One who cuts up and sells meat BUTCHER
Ski slope PISTE
Brief pause for rest BREATHER
Norse god ODIN
Cleansing agent DETERGENT
Insignificant person or thing NONENTITY
Oak tree fruit ACORN
Marine mammal DOLPHIN
Sound a horn TOOT
Stink REEK
Wife of the American president FIRSTLADY
Harmony in opinion AGREEMENT
Male teacher SIR
Wrestling hold BEARHUG
TV repeat RERUN
Strong impulse URGE
Hay bundle BALE